In Denmark, candles help create an atmosphere and transform any occasion into a special event. Denmark, with its dark winters, has a long tradition in crafting high quality candles.

In 1987 the couple Ester and Erik Møller started their production of dipped candles. The vision was to revive proud traditions and create the best and most elegant candles, for an exclusive clientele and with finest tastes.

Since then, Ester & Erik have refined traditional techniques and subsequently developed their unique concept of candle making on frames. Today Ester & Erik manufactures tapered, conical and cylindrical candles with modern touches, among others matt or shiny. The brand has never weakened its original ambition: to create handcrafted candles of a particular class.

Ester & Erik is a family business, which is now run by the son: Søren Møller. The latest generation of the Møller family has joined the company with the ambition to continue strong traditions and development based on exclusive quality.


There is a global demand for quality and craftsmanship, and Ester & Erik candles can be found in exclusive home decor stores and top florists around the world.

The brand offers an efficient concept of manufacturing and selling candles on a frame, which ensures a strong visual impact, in a large range of shapes, sizes and in more than 80 colors, in mat or shiny finishings. The Ester & Erik candles do not drip and go out before the end.