PROFLAX TEXTIL MANUFAKTUR can be proud of having a history of almost 150 years. Indeed, it was in 1864 that the company was founded as a linen weaver in Laïchingen, one of the strongholds of the linen industry in southern Germany.

Over the years, the company has expanded as a specialist in high-quality table linen under the PROFLAX brand. The brand has built its reputation as an exclusive German manufacturer of hometextile. In 2003, the company joined the Daun & Cie group, which is the largest German textile group. The company's philosophy is to develop superior quality products with an excellent finish. All suppliers are based mainly in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium. All products are MADE IN EUROPE which  is a guarantee of quality and social responsibility.

Over the past 10 years, the company has experienced significant development in its product lines. At present, PROFLAX offers a strong range of products from cushions, plaids, coordinated table linen and this with a very personal touch combining creativity, quality and commercial aspect.

Each year, 2 collections are proposed as concepts in line with current trends. In addition, a wide range of "basics" completes the assortment.

PROFLAX is the guarantee of offering quality coordinated collections in very different and complementary styles in order to satisfy several types of consumers.